Encore.org “Asking Tough Questions” and the “Getting Started Guide”

Asking the Tough Questions About Your Encore Career

The nonprofit group Civic Ventures coined the term “Encore Career” to give name to the movement of people who “want work that matters in the second half of life.” I was invited to write an article for their Encore.org website entitled “Asking the Tough Questions About Your Encore Career”. Those questions are:

1. What makes me so special–on paper?
2. Why can’t anyone see my value?
3. Am I wasting my job-searching time?
4. Am I making myself stand out in a bad way?
5. How intentional am I being in creating relationships?

Read the entire piece here.

Encore.org’s “Getting Started Guide” writers worked with a host of folks to create an informative and accessible roadmap for starting the encore career process. Idealist.org and the work of the Career Transitions Program are cited as in the sections on getting started, what you need to know about job huntingturning volunteerism into work, and transitioning from corporate to nonprofit work.

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