Media Mentions and Other Collaborations

One of the most exciting aspects of my work at was the chance to partner with reporters, other writers, and likeminded organizations to help spread the word about meaningful, social-impact work. This page (finally) brings together all of these collaborative efforts and media opportunities into one place.

Media Mentions

Your True Calling Could Suit a Nonprofit. Eilene Zimmerman’s NY TIMES Career Couch contribution features a few quotes from yours truly about ways to strengthen your nonprofit employment candidacy. I admit that this was a major personal and professional highlight of my life… it is quite a thrill to see your name mentioned in the NY TIMES (in a positive light that is!).

Working for Free Profits the Soul. This piece–by APM’s Marketplace reporter Lisa Napoli–highlights the experiences of jobseekers at’s spring 2009 LA Nonprofit Career Fair. As a result, the morning of April 23rd, 2009 was a pretty special one for me. Starting around 5:00 am PST I started getting emails, text messages, and phone call from friends across the country saying they’d just heard me on NPR’s Marketplace. I wrote a follow-up blog post on the piece soon after addressing the key concept I bring up during this exchange:

“Idealist’s Steven Joiner says experienced professionals are accepting that big-buck jobs are drying up. Others, he says, simply want to make a career out of social service work. He says working for free can be a good way in:

STEVEN JOINER: So I’ll tell people, you know, never volunteer just to try to get a job, but if you’re volunteering to be involved in the nonprofit sector, never volunteer without having to be some sort of professional development step.”

Job fairs: all work and no pay? is the second part of Lisa Napoli’s coverage of the spring 2009 Nonprofit Career Fair. The following quote sums up a lot of what I feel about the nonprofit job search:

“Working for free at a non-profit can be an excellent way to get a foot in the door and could lead to paying work down the line. Not to mention volunteering is a productive way to spend downtime during a job search.

Steven Joiner is director of the “Career Transitions Program” at He says these fairs offer a good way for potential employees to shop for opportunities.

STEVEN JOINER: Everything we know about non-profits and HR hiring and organizational philosophy says that two hours — one hour spent at a networking event and one hour conducting an informational interview — will get you lightyears ahead of two hours of sending resumes out into cyberspace.”

Village Talk Radio (05/07/09) Village Talk Radio, syndicated by Minnesota News Network, has the goal of giving  “hope every week by talking to people who are working to change the world one community at a time.” The first part of their May 7th, 2009 episode features: “Steven Joiner, director of Career Transitions Program of he will tell us how to get paid to change the world”  Listen to the archive here.

Breaking Into A Career in the Nonprofit World: Rosetta Thurman, Meg Busse, and I participated in this Chronicle of Philanthropy’s October 8th, 2009 live discussion. Read the transcript of that conversation here.

How Should We Share Resources Between the Generation? (produced by Your Call). Nader Shabahangi (CEO of Agesong), David Bank (Vice President of Civic Ventures and editor of their blog, and I discuss the transferal of wealth between generations. Here is the summary from their archive:

“Is it time to rethink how we share resources between the generations? On the next Your Call we’ll discuss intergenerational justice. When the first boomers entered the work force 45 years ago, the elderly were the poorest demographic in the country; as those first boomers hit retirement age, they are among the richest. Medicare, education, environmental policies and social security are all under pressure from the current downturn. What should be weighed in making changes to wealth distribution? How should boomers prepare their businesses and institutions for the next generation? It’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar and you.”

Click here to listen.


Service Nation’s Mission Serve’s From Serving Your Country to Serving Your Community – An Introductory Companion to The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Career is a booklet for soldiers on active duty as well as veterans who are interested in transferring their talents from service in the armed forces into a social impact career in the nonprofit sector.

Encore careersThird Chapter of LifeSector Switching, finding meaningful social-impact work… call it what you will, there is a growing movement within the 50+ community to connect meaning and passion to the professional and life choices they make in these “25 years after 50”. At this point, I’d say we can even start focusing on the 50 years after 50. Much of the work I did with involved these movements and I had the honor of working with groups like Civic Ventures and Coming of Age to promote and support this vital workplace agenda. “Asking Tough Questions” and the “Getting Started Guide”: Visit this page to see highlights of the Idealist Career Transitions Program and’s “Getting Started Guide” writers worked with a host of folks to create an informative and accessible roadmap for starting the encore career process. and the work of the Career Transitions Program are cited as in the sections on getting started, what you need to know about job hunting, turning volunteerism into work, and transitioning from corporate to nonprofit work.

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