Largely Literary

I learned an important lesson back in 2006: it takes a lot of time and energy to review literature. That said, I enjoyed the experience greatly but, unless I start writing reviews for The NY Times or some other such (well-paying) publication, I think my days as a reviewer are numbered. Here are two offerings: Classic Literature Essays

This is a series of essays I wrote during the winter of 2006-2007 on the topic of classic literature. The approach I took with this project was to personalize the experience of “the classics”. I drew from memories of my time in school as a student as well as my time in the classroom as a teacher. Read more about the essays here.

Willamette Week Book Review: B.H. Fingerman’s Bottomfeeder (Darkhorse proves that being a vampire can really, well, suck.)

This is a book review I wrote in December of 2006 for one of Portland, Oregon’s weekly “hipster” newspapers. Great book and a most enjoyable review (if I do say so myself).

An except: “Fingerman’s novel isn’t so much about vampires but rather about the stripping away of the romantic connotations a reader unconsciously brings to such an iconic subject—supernatural powers, Old World charm, immortality. The dark side of these nocturnal hunters plays out through the compelling pace of the novel punctuated by the wit and candor of living in an everyday vampire’s head.” Read the rest of this sucking review here.


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