Career Corner Blog

From September of 2008 until November of 2009, my colleague Meg Busse and I wrote a blog every two weeks to “bring you extra advice and personal musings related to the world of nonprofit careers.” I’ve collected all fourteen of my blogs, in order, below:

  1. Your Personal Mission Statement
  2. FYI, Informational Interviews Are Where It’s At!
  3. Getting Your Career Search on Track
  4. 2009’s Nonprofit Career Resolution: Be Intentional!
  5. Where Have All the Nonprofit Jobs Gone?
  6. Wanted: Nonprofit Career Advocates
  7. NPR’s Marketplace Visits the Idealist LA Career Fair
  8. Can You Help Nonprofits Find the Next Generation of Leaders?
  9. PODCAST: Transitioning into a Nonprofit Career
  10. Don’t Just Hunt for Your Next Job…Develop It!
  11. The Economic Downturn—Good for Volunteers, But is it Good for Job Seekers, Too?
  12. Breaking into a Career in the Nonprofit World
  13. Working for Oregon’s Best Mid-Sized Nonprofit (Hint: It’s More Than Just Foosball…)
  14. Taking My Own Advice

Visit the Career Corner homepage to see both these entries as well as Meg’s fantastic contributions.


One Reply to “ Career Corner Blog”

  1. I enjoy reading the report, too. It’s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in one’s life.

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