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Past writings on…

The Head

For the first 33 years of my life, I lived in my head. In 2008, I opened the many-locked door and climbed down to spend a year living dangerously in my heart and my gut. While I am deeply grateful for my intelligence, I realized I was not whole if I chose only to rationalize and make sense of the world (see the quote at the very end for more on that idea).

The Heart

Words like empathy and compassion always resonated with me yet, in my personal relationships, I kept up an emotional guard. The closer the relationship, the higher the metaphoric wall. That is, until I got married. Then I built different kinds of walls, lower but more numerous, and often camouflaged… even from myself. To share from the heart means the continued practice of tearing down those walls and opening up to share vast emotional reserves.

The Gut

The ability to know before knowing and to choose ‘correctly’ without knowing why was a gift I took for granted. The number of times I ignored intuition, however, used to outweigh the times I followed my gut.