There is a growing quantity of video and audio floating on the ethernet that does a fair job of depicting me ‘in action’. Almost all of this footage is real and I only used a stunt double for one talk (you can try and guess which one). I apologize in advance for any intense, reflective glare coming off my forehead.


“Succeeding in the New Career Paradigm” Marylhurst universityCareer Development Workshop, March 1, 2011

Steve Joiner—co-founder of 21st Century Worklife, an organization dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their power, potential and peace of mind at work— will lead a career development workshop at Marylhurst university about the new concept of being a career entrepreneur. He will discuss how the workplace is moving away from the career-caretaker model of giving time and talent to an employer in exchange for the security of health insurance and a paycheck. Joiner will explore a new paradigm where professionals manage their talents, control their careers and create opportunities that keep them excited.

Marylhurst did a fantastic job of recording this session and then incorporating the slides into the video. Thanks again! Click on whatever link you find most interesting.

Part One: The Introduction (Lynn Brown’s excellent intro ends, and I begin, at minute 2:10)

Part Two: The 21st Century Worklife Lexicon (A sense of hope, a way to articulate what we’re dealing with)

Part Three: Career Caretakers vs. The New Paradigm (intergenerational workplace, the caretaker)

Part Four: What is Career? (the ladder? the chessboard? career as a verb?)

(Check out their career blog as well. Love their WordPress theme!)


“The Art of the Belly” Pecha Kucha Night in Kansas City, May 13th, 2010

Read more about the Pecha Kucha movement here or, if you want the short version: PK is a forum for thinkers to present their ideas. The rules are simple: you have 20 slides that advance at a rate of one every 20 seconds (no stopping, pausing, speeding up, or slowing down). This means that every presentation is exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds long.

I am going to (finally!) present on the book I am writing entitled “The Art of the Belly: Navigating Culture at the Gut Level”. It is a book about using the cultural metaphor of sumo to understand Japan with the overarching notion that cultural engagement usually happens at the “gut level”.


Work and Encore Careers (Steven Joiner and Judy Goggin (VP Civic Ventures), Western Regional Fellowship Training: Transforming Life After 50, Portland, OR September 15-17, 2010)

Listen to the podcast (27 minutes and 17 seconds of auditory bliss) of the presentation and see the slides I’m using HERE. To listen the other presenters, click HERE.

The IMLS Western Regional Fellowship: Transforming Life After 50 (TLA50) has been created as a collaborative effort of the California State Library, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Oregon State Library, and Washington State Library in partnership with the Pacific Library Partnership. The year-long Fellowship provides a continuing education scholarship for public library staff and library professionals to advance their library and information science skills related to improving services to and engagement with active, older adults.

The Fellowship will focus on three primary areas: (1) concepts and research underlying new approaches to working with midlife adults; (2) promising practices in public library services; and (3) leadership skills in community librarianship, including partnership development, assessment strategies, outreach and facilitation, and the uses of new social media.

“Intention to Action. Action to Career.” Keynote Address Truman State University’s “Lend a Hand for Living: Nonprofit Career Fair” Kirksville, MO April 7th, 2010

How do you move from a good, social-impact idea to action? How do you turn this into paid work? How do you move beyond the old notion of “work/life balance” to become a “holistic professional” that aligns purpose, passion, skills, and life journey into a career? What is a “portfolio careerist” or a “slash careerist”? How are emerging professionals reshaping these and other traditional workforce notions?

This talk addresses the emerging trends in the workforce that move past the simple notion of jobs and careers to talk about how more and more people are interested in a career path that is self-directed, independent of notions like “climbing the ladder” or “paying your dues”. The intergenerational workplace is now combining professionals with these old notions of career and profession with younger professionals who see their “workforce allegiance” and “talent management” being more self-directed and less employer-direct. And this is good news for everyone!
Watch highlights of this talk (note: the graphic that I use to start the talk can be seen here.)
  • Part One 
  • Part Two 
The Holistic Professional Portland Community College Ageless Network March 29th, 2010. PCC Sylvania Campus. Portland, OR.

Professionals today juggle a host of obligations and responsibilities. Many professionals make career decisions as though their work exists in a vacuum while others make career choices in order to alleviate pressure in other areas of their life. Addend this session to gain tips and tools that will help you create that holistic professional whose passion, purpose and paycheck are united. Topics include: the differences between a job hunter and a job developer, exploring continuums vs. polarized thinking, learning about the brain and new ways of thinking, and avoiding common career pitfalls.

See highlights of this talk here.

Or watch the whole thing here.


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