Reader, meet Steve. Steve, meet reader.

Manga Me

Steven Joiner is a human being who lives and loves in Portland, OR. He has been called a…

  1. A Writer*
  2. A speaker**
  3. A thinker***
  4. A Futurist****
* There is a wonderful story about an author at a book signing who is approached by a man who says, ‘You’re my favorite author and a real inspiration. I’m a neurosurgeon now but, when I retire, I plan to be a writer.’ The author thanks the man for his kind words and says, ‘Funny you should mention that. See, I’m a writer but when I retire I’m going to be a neurosurgeon.’
** Speaker, facilitator, cultivator of critical thinking, listener (we have two ears and one mouth for a reason). I use speaker since it is what people often think they want. I’m a member of Toastmasters and I get to do a lot of public speaking so, yeah, I do ongoing training and can legitimately be called ‘a speaker’. I challenge people to see beyond the labels though.
*** I do a lot of work in career development and I challenge people to be able to design a personal mission statement (a shout out to Cathy Wasserman for her work on that topic). My is: “To foster critical thinking so that people can find contentment in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity.”
**** The biggest issue that people seem to have with the future is that it is scary and uncertain. While I sure do have a lot of really fond memories of nostalgia, I feel that all that has happened to me happened to get me ready for what is going to happen and that makes me pretty damn excited. I would call myself a ‘Presentist’ but I confess that I am intention-oriented and, therefore, future oriented.

A Steven Joiner by any other name would be as cheeky

My writing from 2006-2008 was all under the name Steven Pascal-Joiner. No, that’s not a pen name… though Pascal was a great thinker. If I were to choose a pen name, I think I would go with Steven Shakespeare-Penn-Warren-Stephenson-Cummings-Emerson-Orwell-Poe-Joiner. Pascal-Joiner was my married name and, while it took me until the summer of 2010 to legally change it back, I started writing under my ‘maiden name’ (‘Jüngling Name’?) in 2008. Curious about my married life (which is obviously over) and want to jump right into the musings? Click here.


2 Replies to “Reader, meet Steve. Steve, meet reader.”

  1. Thank you, Steve…your blog-like website (or is it website-like blog?) is quite interesting AND informative. I am intrigued (again). I shall be back to continue to see what I find. 🙂 btw, I heard there may be another Rumination from Fortuna soon. Can you confirm this knowledge?

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