While looking through pictures for the Mongolia piece, I found a few shots of me in Japan and, damn, I sure do look even more like a giant than usual.


Steve and the Lilliputians (aka former students)

More Students. Older, not Bigger

Isn't the stove supposed to be higher? The exhaust fan?

Let's play 'Spot Steve in the crowd'

All doors in Japan are this small*

*Okay, this last picture is a bit misleading. This is a door to a restaurant (the curtain by my elbow is the top of the entrance) and it is meant to be overly small.

Amazingly enough, I fit through it by literally crawling in. Whilst not all doors are this small they are usually about 6’2″ high (i.e. the size of the wood-panel portion of that wall). This means, since I’m 6’4″, I hit my head about halfway between the crown and the forehead (roughly the location of the logo of my hat)

I can feel a slight indentation there and I can’t remember if I had that notch before living in the land of the rising sun.

I really dislike hitting my head.

A lot.