I just can’t work under these conditions!

Me (last year) with the new mama

… due entirely to the cute overload.

I mean, really, look at the work environment in which I toil.

A hard day's work

Want to see that up close?

Cute overload

They squeak. They yelp. They blindly drag themselves around grunting. How can one concentrate?

Which is all to say that the amazing cosmic being currently encapsulated in the body of a dog named Pumpkin gave birth to six puppies–three black, three brown, three girls, three boys*–on Friday the 9th and they are a constant reminder of how amazing life is… and how we often take it all too seriously. If you were expecting an email or a brainstorming followup or some such other deliverable in the last four days, I am sure that you’ll forgive me for sitting and holding squirming little puppies in my lap for hours on end. I know I’d forgive you.

*Two of the boys are brown and two of the girls are black.

The day of delivery was pretty full on; I won’t go into great detail (your are welcome to look up and read about all that a new dog mother does) other than to say that it was mildly nauseating and intoxicating. I now know what life smells like and I now know the joy of watching life from the first breath. Cool stuff.

Here is your last three cute-overload pics. May they make you smile and remember again that life should be revered daily.

Mom at work
A handful
Nap Time

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