Fortuna’s Ruminations Part IV

You say you use this container for mailing? Not anymore.

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Steve came to visit me yesterday in his ongoing effort to make me feel like we are spending at least a bit of quality time together each day. “How did he choose to spend this time?”, you ask… by trimming my claws and brushing me.

Now, in order to address the dismay I am sure many of my fellow feline readers are feeling, I only let him do this as a token gesture to his delusion that we have a power-sharing agreement. Despite the fact that I work daily work to hone my claws into fierce, life-ending apparatuses (it is always good to be ready after all), I really think this is a small concession to pay in order to bolster his fragile ego. And, to be honest, I kind of like the brushing; inasmuch as it beats barfing up hairballs. That is decidedly not fun.

I do, however, question why he thinks that 30 minutes spent in my presence with 15 minutes of that time being taken up with “torturing” me in any way resembles quality time. He did try to make it up to me somewhat by refilling my food bowl (I am close to figuring out how to do that myself), turning on the bathroom sink so I could drink (yes, I am aware that I have a constantly circulating, filtered water dish… what’s your point?), and otherwise chasing me around the house saying inane things like, “Come here cutie, cutie kitten” and “Aren’t you the cutest kitten in the whole wide world?”.


I, of course, ran upstairs to hide in order to show my displeasure. I think he gets it but, he is a human after all, so I cannot be sure.

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