Fortuna’s Ruminations Part III


Steve visited yesterday for a while and this pleased me. He sat, as he always does, with his laptop in his lap and tried futilely to type with one hand while also trying to pet me. Not very efficient if you ask me. As well, I think his priorities are not in alignment.

As a result of the visit, I decided not to vomit on the floor.

Later, the children (Nyssa and Haven) were given a pile of bubble wrap with which to amuse themselves. They seemed to think it was just about the best way to spend 10 minutes of your life. I strongly disagree. I would much rather float in a sea of Emerald Triangle Catnip for 10 minutes. Sometimes I do this while it appears that I am sleeping. Interestingly enough, it seems that the world’s best catnip–The Emerald Triangle as it were–is in Wisconsin. I’m not sure if I believe that.

Read the complete ruminations of Fortuna here.


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