Fortuna’s Ruminations Part II

Is there something you need? No? Good.

The human named Steve did not come and visit me yesterday. See, I am presently living in a house with a woman named Autumn and her two children: Nyssa and Haven. I think that Nyssa is quite pleasant (most of the time) and I am guessing her name means “little princess” in some other language. Haven is 3 and I am convinced his name means “utter chaos” in some other language. He seems to think that I am fascinating and wishes to be around me. I do not share his views.

The reason I live with the human woman Autumn is that my primary human, Steve, is living in a house with someone named Lily who is “violently allergic to cats”. He feels bad about the separation and often holds me close to his head while whispering his lamentations. I don’t mind really but I’m not going to tell him that. When it comes to me, he should always feel like he is not doing enough.

There is another human who frequents Autumn’s house and his name is Cory. He appears to be trying out for a role as Autumn’s mate and so far seems to be doing a good job. He has cats as his home so he is familiar with felines, both understanding our needs as well as his inherent inferiority when viewed through our eyes. His presence today made the lack of appearance by Steve more tolerable. However, if Steve does not visit me today, I think I will throw up on the floor in protest.

Read the complete ruminations of Fortuna here.


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