Many Paths. One Destination.

What’s this website about?

This website is about a journey through the head, the heart, and the gut. It is a lifelong journey to unite those often disparate pieces into a whole being, one completely engaged with the world.

Through the separateness that comes from deep reflect, we achieve insight and acuity. Then we can integrate that awareness back into the construct each of us calls ‘me’.

While I use I, my, mine, me, etc. in these pages, I encourage you to see beyond what we tend to think of as identity.

Finally, this is a journey of alignment and authenticity. The more we have of both, the more we all grow. The more critically we think, the more we stop reacting and start responding.  The more we see that ‘you’ and ‘me’ are nothing more than projections of experience, the more open we are able to share with judgement.


Where will you start the journey?

The Head: A place to speak from my head, from my intellect–lifelong learning, careers, and my other contributions to the sum of human knowledge.

The Heart: A place to share emotions… joy, heartbreak, lessons in emotional rigidity, and loss.

The Gut: A place for intuition and knowing before you know.

Stream of Consciousness: The blog–tagged, appropriately, head, heart, and gut.

The Alignment: The ways I now unite these facets of my experience and ways that you and I might connect including speaking engagements and “Authenticity Advocacy”.


Who writes it? I do.

Who should read it?

Maybe you’re aware of something more than what can be perceived with the six senses (including thought). Maybe you have trouble with spiritual language and association but are a Closet Woo-Woo type (as I once was).

Maybe you feel the tug of the gut, the openness of the heart, and the incessant buzz of the brain and wonder how they might act in concert.

Maybe you’re hear for no reason you can explain. Maybe you knew before knowing that you’d end up on this journey with me.

However you got here, welcome. I’ve always enjoyed travel most with companions.

What do I get out of reading it? 

Whatever you put into it.

I believe strongly in the continuous cultivation of a Beginner’s Mind (shoshin in Japanese) and I get there by turning off the busy mind (yes, I realize I keep referring to Buddhist concepts. I am not, however, espousing Buddhism… more on why here).

Put another way:

I don’t have any delusions that I am going to ‘tell’ or ‘teach’ anything. Nor is that my goal. I am, however, going to share a journey, a perspective. If you’re ready to be a joiner, great.

If not, great.

If you’re ready to share, I’m ready to receive.

If you head and heart are open, there is a lot here. If your gut is telling you to continue, I would humbly suggest your listen.

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