Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance.

Jane Elliot

November 9th, 2016

We the People of Conscience Declare…

It is not time to come together and heal for the sake of our country.

It is time to be People of Conscience, not people of country.

We are not healing divides of opinion and policy. We are not locked in an ideological battle.

We are locked in a battle with Hate. Hate won last night. Hate trumped Love.

Prejudice won last night. Prejudice trumped Acceptance.

It’s offensive for a campaign fueled by divisiveness, insult, threat, -isms, and innuendo to now call for peace and solidarity. You don’t get to use one set of rules to win and another to rule.

It’s offensive to be told of the president-elect that we now “owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.” No, we don’t.

We owe Hate nothing.

Last night showed we are not united nor, with this current system, unitable.

What we need to do now is take a long, hard look at the America of the Past (last night’s victor) and the America of the Future (the winner of the majority of votes… yet was last night’s loser).

We’re not looking at the future of the United States any more.

It take real courage to admit the difference. It takes real courage to be People of Conscience instead of people of country. It takes real courage to build a Future America free from our racist, sexist, classist past.

The fear of the unknown is strong but you condone Hate with passive acceptance, “for the sake of the country” rhetoric, and the notion that this is “how democracy works”.

Sure, hug your kids, rally together to support one another, keep doing “good” work…

AND let those who elected Hate last night know that they are now on their own.

It is now time for we the People of Conscience to proudly declare our independence from Hate, to ask the Judge named History to bless our actions, and to continue the work of building the America of the Future.

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